Indian Relay Races

The Chuckwagon and Chariot Races at Nebraska’s Big Rodeo are one event in which people can get as much excitement from the owners and operators of the rigs as they do from the actual races. The wagons/chariots are drawn by a team of four ponies, bred for speed and agility, and driven by gutsy people. The race begins with a blow from an airhorn and a fast figure-eight around two barrels, and continues with an all-out pony race around the track and to the finish line in front of the grandstands. The wagons adorn the names of local businesses, so fans have plenty of opportunity to cheer for their favorite team!


New to Burwell this year, we have added Jim Stevens and his Indian Relay racers. Indian Relay racing is a 300 year old tradition for Native Americans and one of the most extreme sports in the nation.  The popularity is growing quickly, and we know you won’t want to miss the excitement of the first Indian Relay races being held in Burwell.  Get your tickets to Nebraska’s Big Rodeo now for a front row seat to all the action.

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